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Mad Hatter :iconseldaravendor:SeldaRavendor 0 0
Heavens Cry
All the stars up in the sky
Look down upon us and weep
At the crimes we have committed.
Our hate forces them to shed their
Tears as they gaze down at human sins.
We kill and maim, yet
Can't save one another.
Stop all this war and hate, and help
Them soon recover.
Our humanity is all but gone and
Pain is our survival. It
Is our one redeeming factor and
Their true downfall. See our ashes turn to
Joy and let them weep for us again.
:iconseldaravendor:SeldaRavendor 0 0
Mirror World (part 6)
    I remembered the lyrics that went with the tune David always hummed. Of course they weren't the actual words, I had made them up to go with the tune. David would often have nightmares when he was younger and I would sing him to sleep when he woke so our foster parents wouldn't be bothered.
    I softly sang the words to myself, unable to speak louder than a whisper as I had lost my voice screaming. But this was a good thing, I didn't want the guards or the anonymous man listening in.
Spread your wings to soar above the clouds.
In the light of the moon, you shall burn bright.
Here in my arms you are safe and sound,
With no need to fear the terrors of the night.
Hush! The bell is tolling, can't you hear?
The clock's bellowing it is now midnight.
Here's the hour for nightmares to appear
In the shadows to give you such a fright.
These phantoms will try to tempt you with charms
And any choice you make will just seem right.
But you are sleeping here in my arms,
:iconseldaravendor:SeldaRavendor 0 0
Mirror World (part 5)
    An unseen door somewhere to my right slammed open and flooded the room with a bright white light. I pocked up some quiet voices before the door was shut again.
    Then, someone spoke, "Watch your eyes." I didn't have time to register what this person had said before I heard the distinguishable click of a light switch and I was temporarily blinded as my eyes adjusted. When I could see clearly again I saw a face hovering above mine. It was a handsome, male face with bright blue eyes and tawny hair with hints of gray indicating years of stress. There was a body attached to this handsome face. It was dressed in a white lab coat and I could feel latex gloves on this person's hands as they unstrapped my hands and feet, then helped me sit up on the cold metal slab. This man kept his hands on my shoulders as I swayed, feeling dizzy and disoriented.
    "How do you feel?" the man asked.
    Shrugging, I watched my swinging feet as if they were the mo
:iconseldaravendor:SeldaRavendor 0 0
Mirror World (part 4)
    I am in Hell. Strapped down by my wrists and ankles to a cold metal slab, I had no choice but to stare up at the infernal blinking red light above me. I tried calling out a few times, my voice cracking from minor dehydration, but nobody responded. How long had I been strapped to this thing? Minutes? Hours? Days? There was no way of telling. Windows seemed non-existent in my prison and of course there were no mirrors for me to escape back to my world through. I might have been able to count the seconds by the blinking of the light but even that was inconsistent. Sometimes it would blink spastically like a strobe-light, but other times it would not come back on for a long time, leaving me in the darkness to face my fears.
    I thought of The Home. My old home, that is. The foster one. there had been three other kids to come into The Home after me. We had all been put into the system younger than ten years old and we're tough as nails. Even though I was the oldest
:iconseldaravendor:SeldaRavendor 0 0
Mirror World (part 3)
    I woke with a start due to a distant buzzing noise echoing around in my cell. I knew something was wrong the second I opened my eyes. Instead of the blinding white walls illuminated by the hot ceiling lights, my eyes met darkness with the occasional blinking of a red emergency light. As my mind cleared of sleep, the buzzing got louder through my open cell door. WAIT... open cell door. This was my chance. Standing and pulling on the baby blue sweater over the pale pink hospital scrubs the guards had given me, I tiptoed across my tiny cell and peeked out the door. I was half expecting this to be a trap. Some guards were certainly about to jump out of the shadows wielding their clubs to beat me back into my cell. I forced myself to take a tentative half-step into the dark hallway and when no attack occurred, I ran. Barefoot, I sprinted down hallway after hallway, racing around corners at an almost inhuman speed.
    As I ran, the buzzing got louder, as if I
:iconseldaravendor:SeldaRavendor 0 0
Mirror World (part 2)
    They seem to think I'm deaf, the guards. All day, everyday, they stand there talking about nonsense: about how Michael's wife, Lucille, has been chosen as the One Who Rules' new mistress; about my above average physical and mental scores, but absolutely appalling emotional results; and about the birthmark on my foot that somehow has something to do with the sparrow tattoo on my right shoulder-blade. I had gotten the tattoo for my little sister, Becka. She had loved sparrows.
    In the old world I had lived with my father, mother, and Becka in a nice sized one-story house near Norfolk, Virginia. At least, I did live with them... until my mom went psycho and shot my dad and Becka, killing both of them within minutes. The bullet aimed at me, however, decided to miss all of my vital internal organs. So, I was promptly hospitalized and placed in the foster system at nine years old. I'm sixteen now.
    They say that curiosity killed the cat. They're right,
:iconseldaravendor:SeldaRavendor 0 0
Mirror World (part 1)
    What if we could walk through mirrors? Silly idea, I know, everyone has told me so. But it's just a simple question. "What if..." I tried it once, you know, walking through a mirror. And against all odds: it worked. On that note, I need help. NOW! As it turns out, mirrors are actually portals to our neighboring dimensions and I'm being held captive in Mirror World (That's what I like to call this place. Clever, right? I thought so) by the secret police (Or was it the secret service? No... secret service is from my home dimension. Whatever, you get the picture). They told me I was an abomination and not only arrested me, but my dimension double and her family. I tried to apologize, but they were executed under the order of the One Who Rules (Great name... I think he's like the president of this world, only I guess it would be a dictatorship since no one knows how he came into power, or at least the civilians don't know. I tried asking the guys who threw me into this cell,
:iconseldaravendor:SeldaRavendor 1 0
My Niece :iconseldaravendor:SeldaRavendor 0 0
Mature content
The Corpse You Saw in the Undertaker's Window :iconseldaravendor:SeldaRavendor 0 0
Is the soil of birth and life
the same as the dirt which we tread and trample
beneath our feet without a second thought?
:iconseldaravendor:SeldaRavendor 1 1
With Fierce Tears
With fierce tears I pray,
that we may always have the feeling
of the sharp bite of a cold winter morning.
That we may always have the feeling of uncertainty
when we use the power of words
to find new opportunities.
That we may always have a child's innocence
to beat away the drive of guilt through our free thoughts and speech.
So that when we hear the pat, pat, pat
and smell the smell of a great storm,
we may use our loud imaginations
and turn it into something...
we are thankful for.
:iconseldaravendor:SeldaRavendor 0 2
I am
I am ... but only human
I want ... to soar
I wish ... not to grow up
I don't understand ... hypocrites
I hear ... everything
I see ... nothing
I get angry about ... hateful ignorance
I dream about ... a utopia
I am ... the imaginer
:iconseldaravendor:SeldaRavendor 0 1
Hero Rememberance
A century of human life is a dream.
Life and death occur,
heroes have no regrets.
Protect my homeland,
show off my nation's pride.
What joy is there in life,
what regrets in death?
There are enemy winds up north,
but home fire down south.
I miss my family,
and my home.
They are across the mountains,
far away...
A century of human life is like a dream.
Life and death occur,
heroes have no regrets.
Protect my homeland,
show off my nation's pride.
What joy is there in life,
what regrets in death?
There are enemy winds up north,
but home fires down south.
I miss my family,
and my home.
They are across the mountains,
far away...
:iconseldaravendor:SeldaRavendor 2 0
I am trapped.
My heat wobbles, it breathes like a dragon.
There is blood on the snow.
The moon smiled goodbye and slipped away.
:iconseldaravendor:SeldaRavendor 1 1
How it all started
     A shroud of darkness covered the building of brick and stone. A jeweled skull is thrown into the sky by a wand of yew, confessing the emerald Death that occurred moments before. The high cackle piercing the air warns others, calling forth the jade serpent from the mouth of it's host.
     Red slits scan the surrounding darkness searching for any survivors who, it they're lucky, won't be surviving much longer. Ruby eyes dart at a small cry in the corner, a small female infant wails, yearning for her late mother. This brat was the cause of all his trouble. A child born as the old year dies and a new one is born.
     The Dark Lord raised his wand and pointed it at the infant's face. He had killed hundreds before, one more would be no problem. The girl, Selda, he believes they called her, quiets, sits up, and peers under his hood starring directly into his eyes full of his lust for blood. Suddenly, she realize
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Monster Under The Bed :iconisynia-artessa:Isynia-Artessa 416 178 My Valentine :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 18,738 594
As people say; "We experience our entire lives moments before we die."
Who's to say we aren't dying now and we are experiencing our entire lives, down to every simple detail.
To every letter I type on this keyboard, to the current song in my head.
We may be dying as you read this, and your mind is projecting the moment you remember.
How tired you felt.
What you were thinking about.
The items on your desk.
The app you were messing with on your smart-phone.
Every simple detail and how you responded to it.
We may be dying and we are reliving our lives.
:icondevistator23:devistator23 5 2
Shades Of Blue :icondayngel:Dayngel 7 3
Charred remains of a modern society
   The little girl was dancing on the street, among the entrails of a once bustling suburb now strewn chaotically across the scorching asphalt. Her blithesome essence shone through her skin, in the whimsical way she twirled and threw her arms in the air, brushing her wayward curls aside. She crafted a dust storm and trapped the sunlight in her eyes, oblivious to the rubble sinking into her toes and the loaded gun in her brothers hand. 
   She fell, asphyxiated by her own storm as the bullet carved its way into her flesh. And as the last gleam of light left her eyes, poppies blossomed from the cracked pavement, their crowns swaying in the chemical laden wind the way the girl never would again. 
:icondesenhogiro:desenhogiro 141 60
Maggie :iconelenasai:ElenaSai 3,099 295 Sandor x Sansa x Petyr (SanSanIsh) :iconfoxyx:foxyx 345 27 SPOILERS_Lupin + Tonks Ending? :iconendoftheline:endoftheline 3,165 598
Missing Persons
I live in a world of fear.
I am not the only one who is afraid; no, every person here fears the night, if not for themselves then for someone they love. Mothers fear for their children, husbands for their wives, children for their sisters and brothers. No one fears for their friends; no one has friends anymore. No one dares.
It wasn’t always this way. I remember days before the fear, before the world was so paralyzed with its own terror that it forgot how to live. I remember walking through a park after sunset just for the pleasure of it. I remember being late for an appointment without anyone beginning to plan my Memorial. I remember life before people began to disappear.
It started slowly, coming on so gradually that it’s hard to say when it became normal for people to vanish on their way to the grocery store, or while walking the dog. Suddenly it was completely ordinary to see houses fall derelict, their owners mysteriously vanished somewhere beyond our reach.
Not dead;
:iconnootherking:NoOtherKing 202 44
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Daedalus Is Dead
0. the room in the sun
There used to be a girl who made mosaics at the center of the sun. She is dead by now.
She lived in a white-walled room, with boards nailed to the walls in order to resemble windowpanes. All she had need for were boxes of books, buckets of plaster, and stacks of broken plates.
She never knew why she made the mosaics; she only knew that she did. One morning, she awoke in the middle of the white room with her boxes and buckets and plates, knowing that she was supposed to be there. And, as if she had done so all her life, she began to spread plaster on the walls and throw plates to the floor.
The passage of time was not so much a reality as it was a fact. She knew that it happened, but the occurrence was never obvious. The only way to tell was that the mosaic never stayed the same. She was always building on it, but she never ran out of space.
Of course, odd things do happen when one is dead.
1. the boy with wings
The flightless boy has wings. She does
:iconohmistermagazine:ohmistermagazine 21 9
The Time of Your Life
"Do you have the time?" He asked, matter-of-factly
As if he weren't hanging upside down
From the branches of the maple tree next to Asbury Station.
I debated for a moment,
And pulled out my pocketwatch instead of my cell phone
To let him know that it was twenty past two, give or take.
It won me a smile, which I counted as a small victory,
And went to go about my day.
He was there the next day too, and asked me again.
"Hey, pocketwatch girl. Do you have the time?"
It was five after ten and I told him so.
He smiled again, and I told him to be careful not to fall.
The third day, I heard his voice on the way to work.
"Do you have the time?" He asked, but I was in a hurry.
I ran off with an apology on my lips
And he just nodded, sagely.
He looked pale the next day when I stopped to greet him.
"Do you have the time?" He asked gently,
But this time around I heard something there,
Urgency in his soft, raspy tones,
And I asked, "What's the hurry?"
He smiled. "I could have asked you that yesterd
:iconthingsyouneversay:thingsyouneversay 37 34
Beauties and Beasts :iconlowenael:Lowenael 8,867 237




During the school year people are just too busy but during the summer, we do absolutely nothing. There is no "in-between." A lot would consider Winter Break, Thanksgiving Break, etc. to be the in-between, but it just isn't true. All high-school students understand this simply because the week before students are let out for break, teachers all meet together and decide, "Hey, let's assign a few assignments each class to be due the days after students get back from break." Because that's just a brilliant idea!... *cough cough*.... So this summer I need to read Death of a Salesman and Ender's Game. Ender's Game is pretty good, but Death of a Salesman doesn't make any sense at all. I try to piece it together, but with the dialogue and the constant switching between the present and past.... *headache*.... This has all just been a big mess of bleh. Everything I think of has just spewed out of my fingers onto the keys into a big pile of useless nothingness. But, hey, whatever. Right?
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